A new milestone in the evolution of Waagner Biro Bridge Services

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As announced in April 2022, Egis has recently acquired Waagner Biro Bridge Services. By acquiring Waagner Biro Bridge Gulf, Waagner Biro Bridge Fabrication in Dubai, Waagner Biro Bridge contracting and General Maintenance in Abu Dhabi, and Waagner Biro Bridge Qatar, both parties will benefit from the combined years of knowledge and experience.

Waagner Biro Bridge Services (The Acquired)

Waagner Biro Bridge Services has been in operation in the GCC for over 50 years, providing government and private companies with innovative engineering and maintenance services. Our project portfolio includes the operation and maintenance of the floating Maktoum Bridge in Dubai, the routine maintenance of road structures in Dubai, coastal protection works in Dubai, the construction of the Yas Marina Hotel access bridge in Abu Dhabi, and many more.


Waagner Biro Bridge Services made its first notable mark in the Middle East in 1967 through its involvement in the construction of the distinctive Al Maqta Bridge in Abu Dhabi.


Egis (The Acquirer)

Egis is an internationally renowned player in the transport, buildings and other infrastructure sectors, providing design and engineering consulting services. Egis is also involved in the financing of transport infrastructure through PPP schemes, in the operation and maintenance of these infrastructures and the delivery of mobility and urban services. Egis creates and operates s intelligent infrastructure and buildings capable of responding to climate emergencies, and contributes to a more balanced sustainable and resilient territorial development. Egis has operations in 120 countries and puts the expertise of its 17,000 international employees at the disposal of clients while developing cutting-edge innovation and making it accessible to all projects.


In the Middle East, Egis is currently operating in 13 countries, with more than 500 projects completed and is creating jobs for over nearly 2,500 people. Egis is a major player in the engineering, consultancy, and management of infrastructure projects in the Middle East and has contributed to some of the largest airport, railroad, water, urban mobility, and urban development projects in the region. Like Waagner Biro Bridge Services, Egis partners with governments, cities, and a multitude of sectors and private companies to support growth and development wherever they are.


Future Endeavors for Both Companies

The acquisition is expected to significantly benefit both companies, while contributing to the growth and development of the region.


Egis will expand its engineering services, which will include the design engineering and construction of steel bridges and structures, marine and coastal engineering projects, as well as the maintenance and operation of wastewater treatment facilities, and pumping stations.


The acquisition will help both companies improve their offerings for clients by sharing the ability to provide comprehensive infrastructure management services through a multitude of corrective preventative and annual maintenance services for structures such as bridges, roadway infrastructure, tunnels and public utilities.