History of Waagner Biro

Our Heritage

Waagner-Biro is a steel construction company founded in Vienna in 1854. Waagner-Biro started off as a small Austrian locksmithery. Over those years, the company has evolved from a small workshop into a specialist in modern engineering and steel construction with a global reputation.

A modern company steeped in tradition

Today, Waagner Biro has more than one thousand employees working at more than a dozen locations in Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. While the company may have diversified into new areas since its founding, an uncompromising commitment to steel engineering remains at the forefront of everything Waagner-Biro does. This mastery is showcased in capital cities around the world. From the British Museum‘s Queen Elizabeth II Great Court in London, designed by Lord Norman Foster, to the Reichstag Dome in Berlin and the Cour Visconti at Paris‘ Louvre. Waagner-Biro’s commitment to achieving the extraordinary has extended into the design and building of bridges that are also as much landmarks as they are well-realised and functional in infrastructure projects.

The Next 165 Years

To keep meeting demands, the company is continuously expanding the boundaries of what is technically possible while three central factors lie at the heart of all our efforts to enhance customer satisfaction: — Concentration on attractive projects Our customers benefit from considerable added value, when we supply technically demanding solutions all from one source. — Boosting market and customer orientation Our own companies or agencies in all important regions ensure constant customer contact. — Development of a unique selling point for our products By constantly developing our products and services, and also thanks to our innovative approach, we compete successfully