Bridge and Structural Engineering in UAE

Bringing innovation and elegance to bridge and structural engineering across the globe.


From inception to design our in-house experts build bridges with you.

Key to the success of the bridge and structural engineering division is the knowledge and experience maintained by our multidisciplinary team in-house.

We take pride that from the initial idea and design through to fabrication, erection and maintenance we provide our clients with a complete solution to their requirements.

Through the constant sharing of learnings across all of our divisions we are constantly able to develop and innovate our offering and create unique architectural and functional structures.


We cover all aspects of bridge design up to construction including civil works, marine works, steel works as well as MEP works.

Pedestrian Bridges

Pedestrian bridges not only play an important role in terms of pedestrian safety, they also reflect our built environment. Waagner Biro Bridge Systems offers its customers all the necessary interdisciplinary professions that are required to deliver state of the art pedestrian bridges.

Special Bridges

Waagner Biro Bridge Systems offers the complete range of special bridges (cable stayed bridges, suspension bridges, pipeline bridges, truss bridges and arch bridges).

Movable Bridges

Waagner Biro Bridge Systems offers the complete range of movable bridges. Whether in Istanbul, Hamburg or in UAE - we keep the traffic flowing!

Modular Bridges

The modular bridges from Waagner Biro Bridge Systems are a versatile and extendable building block system individually adaptable to special customer requests. Waagner-Biro is among the internationally most renowned providers of system bridges.

Panel Bridges

The panel bridge from Waagner Biro Bridge Systems constitutes a modular bridge system, easily adaptable to different open spans, carriageway widths and traffic loads by varying the arrangement of the panels.

Completed Projects


Al Maqta Bridge, UAE

Trade Centre Footbridge, UAE

Pedestrian Bridges Dubai (PBV)

Yas Marina Hotel Access Bridge, UAE

Za’abeel Bridge, UAE

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