Waagner Biro Bridge Services

165+ years providing design and building of bridge services and steel structures across the globe

Waagner Biro Bridge Services has an uncompromising approach to deliverance of high-quality projects in various fields. Our commitment to achieving extraordinary has extended into the design and building of bridge Services and steel structures. Throughout the region we have completed many iconic structures and technically demanding movable structures spanning waterways. Waagner Biro Bridge Services developed a marine engineering service for clients and provides design and build of harbors, marinas, jetties, wharfs and provision of specialist beach cleaning. In addition, Waagner Biro Bridge Services provides comprehensive facility management services to clients through a distinct range of corrective, preventative and annual maintenance services for bridges, road infrastructure, buildings monuments and aviation facilities. In every case – as has been apparent in all the company’s products and solutions – Waagner Biro Bridge Services sets out to achieve the extraordinary.

Our Process

Our systematic approach ensures the smooth delivery of your project.

  • Pre Contract Site Survey Before undertaking any project the team will undertake a full site survey.
  • Review a Preliminary Design Based on the findings of the survey our team of engineers will make recommendations and create a preliminary design.
  • Design Approval Working in collaboration with the client the final design will be completed and approved.
  • Contract Post design approval contracts and costings will be drawn up and signed.
  • Production Manufacture will be undertaken at our state-of-the-art Fabrication Yard before being transported and erected on site.
  • Site Inspection Post-delivery our team will complete a site inspection before handing over the completed project.

Designing structures that change the landscape

A reputation for turning visions into reality.

Waagner Biro Bridge Services’ excellent reputation often plays a decisive role in the acquisition of new projects, particularly in the UAE market where groundbreaking structures and innovative design are at the core of this modern country. From ideation and design, and throughout the entire process, we enjoy pushing the limits and creating new solutions that advance the realms of possibilities in steel engineering.

Creating a legacy.

Building on over 165 years experience and the vast amount of knowledge and skills held within our team, Waagner Biro has worked with some of the world’s most renowned architects to construct instantly recognisable landmarks and striking architecture across the UAE. These include marine engineering solutions such as the floating bridge spanning Dubai creek, to the beautiful rain-of-light dome that forms the roof of the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Quality and Environment

Quality and Environmental Protection



Quality is top priority for Waagner Biro Bridge Services (WBBS) as a specialist supplier. To ensure product quality and customer satisfaction, WBBS implemented a quality management system ISO 9001 in 1995. Since then the system has continuously been adapted in order to comply with changes of the organizational environment, with varying needs associated with new products, new markets and changing requirements.


Quality is defined by the needs and expectations of the client. Waagner Biro Bridge Services’ quality management system is designed to control product quality as well as to control all employed processes and resources. In 2000, the process approach introduced into the ISO standards has come along well with Waagner Biro Bridge Services’ business which has a strong project orientation. The continual improvement of the quality management system is mainly based on the outcome from project execution processes. Therefore each project will be analysed regarding new knowledge, problems and critical success factors, in terms of “lessons learned”.


The documentation of the quality management system provides rules and guidance for daily work and gives tools for measurements of processes and setting objectives. Those written procedures also contain the WBBS’s health and safety policy which is a major concern of the company. All applicable local health and safety regulations shall be followed; accidents and occupational diseases should be prevented. The department Service-Maintenance has achieved certification of the health and safety system according to SCC++ (safety certificate contractors). This is a pre-condition for companies carrying out installation and maintenance in petro-chemical plants.

Environmental Protection


Waagner Biro Bridge Services takes responsibility for the impact of its operational activities, especially in the field of environmental protection and sustainability. The aim is to meet all economic, social and environmental requirements.


In 2011, the introduction of an environmental management system and its associated certification to ISO 14001 was successfully completed. The continuous improvement process to which Waagner Biro Bridge Services commits itself, goes beyond what is required by environmental regulations. Solutions that improve sustainability are suggested to the customer and key suppliers are also evaluated according to environmental and economic criteria. The possibility of purchasing locally is also taken into account.


The use of modern communication, like video conferencing, helps reduce the environmental impact of intensive travelling. Installation methods and maintenance requirements are analyzed from an environmental perspective and the customer is accordingly advised on appropriate alternatives.


In its daily office operations Waagner Biro Bridge Services caused few emissions. However, opportunities to improve were identified, particularly in the volume of paper used. Above all, our employees are encouraged to support the implementation of our environmental policy.

Plant and Store

Supporting Waagner Biro Bridge Services clients around the clock.

Al Quoz Facility

In order to provide 24-hour support to our clients, our teams in the field require all manner of equipment to construct, maintain and operate the various projects under our care. Our teams are also highly qualified in customising equipment and providing technological solutions to suit the needs of our infrastructure and maintenance division, allowing them to carry out inspections of structures with minimum disruption to everyday life.


Alongside our day-to-day operations, we also provide 24-hour support to the emergency services whether that be helping them manage traffic flow directly after a road traffic accident or providing water tankers to help pump excess water in cases of flooding. With a commitment to being onsite within 20 minutes of receiving a request for assistance, the Waagner Biro Bridge Services plays an essential role in helping us keep the emirates safe.


Supporting our entire Division, the Store ensures that we constantly hold the previsions, materials and tools to undertake any works required – from concrete joint repair to the wood saws for our joiners. So no matter what our client needs we can ensure our staff are onsite any time of day or night to maintain, rebuild, or repair, every day of the year.


Core Values

Together everything is achievable.

Together everything is achievable – nothing is impossible. We support a positive attitude, courage and “out of the box thinking”, as this enables us to jointly achieve goals which make us proud to be a part of Waagner Biro Bridge Services’ story of success.

We cooperate.

Everything is easier when working together. We place great emphasis on cross-departmental and cross-divisional cooperation, in order to recognize and exploit synergies. We do not only desire but require constructive cooperation through regular exchange.

We find solutions.

When realizing international construction and engineering projects, dealing with all sorts of challenges is part of our daily business. Only by adopting a distinctively solution- oriented basic attitude, will we be able to turn every challenge into an opportunity and the project will become a success.

We communicate.

Inter-divisional communication and international exchange help us to continually increase our know-how and make us enjoy our work. Engaging in relations and cooperation across all departments and divisions is an essential feature of our business practice, whether in internal meetings or in cooperating with external partners.

We deliver.

Waagner Biro Bridge Services’ expertise does not end with construction design, but is also reflected in the actual realization of buildings and facilities all over the world. From the planning and implementation to the conclusion of a project, we attach greatest importance to reliability and punctuality in servicing our business partners.

We are respectful with people and successful in business.

We realize exciting, unique and technically complex projects. This requires clear targets, compliance and pre-defined processes and a high level of commitment. To support our employees in their performance, our executive staff puts a clear emphasis on respectful interaction, a culture of open communication and an atmosphere of appreciation.


Accreditation's and Certifications