Operation and Emergency Maintenance Solutions

With years of experience in the region, you can trust us to handle your demands with the same care and dedication we give to each of our projects.


Delivering world-class operation and maintenance solutions tailored for the Middle East

Our varied and comprehensive maintenance solutions are managed by experts in their field, backed by years of experience and industry success.

From simple water tank repair and maintenance to complex pumping station operation and maintenance, as well as 24×7 emergency maintenance, we take pride in our professional and effective project maintenance expertise.

Meeting the requirements of our preventive, corrective and annual maintenance checklist for each maintenance contract we undertake guides us in delivering smart maintenance strategies for outstanding results.


On-demand access to repair and maintenance services for operational success.

Maintenance Solutions

  • 24x7 emergency maintenance
  • Pumping station operation and maintenance
  • Water tank repair and maintenance
  • Operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment plants and sewage plants

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5 April 2021

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5 August 2021 Blog

Wastewater Treatment Plants in Qatar

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Qatar, being located in the MENA region, is one of the most arid countries in the world, with long, dry summers and a very scarce annual average rainfall of only 75 millimeters. Wastewater treatment plants are therefore extremely important in Qatar, and the processes used to repurpose wastewa

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