Floating Pontoon Systems for Superyacht Marinas

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Floating Pontoon Systems for Superyacht Marinas

What is a superyacht marina?

Superyacht marinas are home to super-sized yachts that are 30 meters (98 feet) or longer in overall length. The kind of luxury you expect from a superyacht is the kind of luxury you will find at a superyacht marina. Full service luxury marinas provide turnkey berthing solutions for superyacht enthusiasts in search of luxury and adventure. Using flexible and modular floating pontoon systems, superyacht marinas are ideal home ports for safe berthing and ergonomic accessibility.

What is a floating pontoon system?

A floating pontoon system or marina consists of walkways that are buoyant and not supported by any other structure. These floating walkways provide pedestrian access between berths and the shore, and are generally located by mean of guide piles, anchor chains or cables that allow free vertical movement to adjust to varying water levels. The modularity of the floating pontoon system enables you to extend or reconstruct your marina at any time.

Why are floating pontoon systems ideal for superyacht marinas?

Versatility: Although you might think that a floating pontoon system is one continuous dock or boardwalk, they are in fact constructed as separate modules that can be easily moved and reconfigured depending on the number and size of berths you require in your marina.


Safety: Floating pontoon systems are ideal for shorelines with deep or fluctuating water levels because as the water level changes the floating pontoon system adjusts with it. Permanent and temporary services like firefighting equipment, water supply, solid waste disposal, lighting, electricity, telephone connection, fuel supply or any other sanitary facilities and showers are installed according to state-of-the-art safety measures.


Environment: Prior to installing a superyacht marina, various studies are carried out to minimize the environmental impact and to ensure that there is nothing toxic within the constructed elements which might harm the marine life.


Aesthetically pleasing: As well as being modular and easy to use, floating pontoon systems are also attractive. You can choose from a range of different finishing materials to blend in with the surrounding environment.


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