How to choose the right floating pontoon system

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Choosing a pontoon system varies from person to person; reasons such as your business, pleasure, sailing, or rowing might fuel your choice. Whether you want your floating pontoon system by the sea, the lake for a landscape, or even a wild bank because various options suit your needs and fit different purposes and environments. This article will discuss ways to choose the right pontoon system.


Know why you need a pontoon/marina


Deciding on a new purchase requires you to know precisely why you need that product in the first place. So choosing the right floating pontoon system is no different because once you understand why you need it, the decision is easier to help you purchase your pontoon system from the right place. The most common reasons why people may need or want a floating pontoon system include the following:

Berthing and Mooring for boats/vessels


This is the most common use for pontoon systems because they are an excellent boat storage/parking solution. Pontoon systems are ideal for berthing and mooring boats, jet skis, and other water-based transportation or toys you may want to keep safely docked. You may use various accessories to successfully dock your vessels, including jet ski docks. These accessories are ideal for extending your chosen pontoon system’s functionality.


Tip: For the safest and most efficient results, choose an aluminium, steel, or concrete pontoon system which provides greater strength for docking large vessels such as yachts and boats.

Gaining space


If you want an additional space on the water, then a pontoon system is ideal. You can create a walkway, stage, or floating terrace; unlimited possibilities exist. A pontoon system like this means you will have plenty of people around and on it frequently, so one needs to think practically. You will need a floating structure that is stable, easy to clean, and hard-wearing.

Technical and professional use


Floating structures aren’t designed to be used only for pleasure; you can also put them to great use in a professional setting. From pumping water, maintenance work, or even more glamorously, a film shoot. Using a floating pontoon system for professional work can bring convenience no matter your work.


Floating pontoon systems are ideal for any work requiring you to work safely and securely on the water. Pontoons made for professional use are designed to carry heavy loads, including construction machinery, and they can easily be assembled and dismantled regularly.

Know exactly where you will be placing your pontoon/marina


Your decision on what kind of pontoon you want to purchase will also be determined by where you’d be using it. There are various environments in which pontoon systems are used, and they are the following:

  • Lake or pond
  • Wild bank
  • Port or Marina
  • Sea
  • Landscaped bank
  • Private island docking
  • Coastline

Know how long you would like to use your pontoon


Ideally, any purchase involves considering how long you would like to use the product, which determines how much you are willing to invest in the product. When selecting a pontoon system, you must consider whether you want your structure to be permanent or temporary and if you intend to assemble and dismantle it regularly.


If you are searching for a permanent system, consider something long-lasting, easy to clean, and firmly anchored. Lean more toward the aluminium, steel and concrete side as these pontoon systems are built to last. But in contrast, if you want a temporary system, you should get something more flexible, hard-wearing, and lightweight, such as HDPE pontoons.



Aluminium pontoons


Aluminium pontoons are adapted to the market demand and are highly versatile. They are quite easy to install and uninstall and do not require constant maintenance. This type of pontoon system is ideal for preserving the structure of your marina as it does not pierce the surface or leave marks when adding or removing accessories for berthing.


Concrete pontoons


Concrete pontoons are cost-effective and easy to maintain because they do not rust and are easy to clean. This type of pontoon system is highly durable, dimensionally stable and non-flammable. Once installed it is highly unlikely that it can be easily removed, which makes it a safer bet for berthing large boats or yachts.

Steel pontoons

Steel pontoon systems are primarily stable, durable, and non-flammable. They are reliable and work great as a permanent or semi-permanent berthing tool. Because of oxidation and deformation, Steel pontoons require regular maintenance.

Final thoughts

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