Al Yasat Aali Island, UAE


Al Yasat Aali Island



Our proficiency and expertise in rock groynes, timber groynes, geo bags and geo tubes are often combined with other Waagner Biro Gulf LLC specialties such as design, profiling, dredging and even sand replenishment, to establish functional and sustainable beaches.

One excellent example of this is the lagoon at the uninhabited Al Yasat Aali Island where a private residence has been built on a coastline that was previously shallow and unusable.

The beach required full coastal engineering and a variety of disciplines that Waagner Biro Gulf LLC could not only provide but was able to carry out in a quick and cost-effective fashion as the whole project could be performed in-house.

The beach was stabilised through a series of rock groynes, adding breakwaters to ensure no further eroding of the sand. The lagoons were dredged to create a lagoon suitable for swimming and suitable for jet skiing. Finally, a boat and jet ski berthing facility was constructed.