Operation and Maintenance of Floating Bridge, UAE

Operation and Maintenance of Floating Bridge, UAE

Floating Bridge

A first-of-its-kind project in the UAE, bringing a creative and innovative solution to the city's infrastructure.

  • Modular construction enables adaption to differing spans of waterways.
  • Simple and robust erection allowing for quick manufacture and on-site assembly.

Re-defining waterway crossings in the Middle East

The floating bridge was conceived by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority as part of the ongoing drive to modernize the transport system within Dubai. Originally intended as a temporary solution, this swing bridge was designed and built in 2007.

Designed to ease congestion on the Al Maktoum Bridge the bridge carries road traffic during peak rush hours, closing to allow boats and abras dedicated passage in the creek at specific times of the day.

15 years after its construction, the multi-disciplined team of engineers have maintained and overhauled the complicated hydraulic systems