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The art of bridge design and build has evolved through the ages to become a unique and highly-skilled operation mastered by architectural, construction and engineering experts. The best bridge design and build companies in UAE understand the complexities of the process and the acute skills required to create bridges that stand the test of time. As a potential customer, it is just as important to understand the process so you can distinguish between an average bridge design and build company in the UAE and an excellent one.


This blog will outline the qualities of the best bridge design and build companies in UAE.

Experience and reputation

Naturally, the best bridge design and build companies in the UAE will have extensive experience in the bridge and structural engineering industry, and a reputation as solid as the bridges they build. The quality, size and magnitude of completed projects is a good indicator of the type of experience they have. Furthermore, any company worth their salt will have projects that include local and international builds that span a variety of organisations, industries, governments and small businesses.

Types of bridge designs and builds offered

In the UAE particularly, the design and build of bridges is key to maintaining the stylish modernist architecture for which the cities of the UAE are known today. Of course, the structural integrity of the build is equally important, and the best bridge design and build companies will know how to blend design and structure to create iconic engineering masterpieces.

Modern bridge designs in the UAE use fewer materials than ever before, to create longer-lasting, sturdier bridges that complement the surrounding landscape. A variety of bridge types are used today in UAE:

  • Beam bridges: Multiple beam bridges are widely used for vehicular and pedestrian traffic, most spanning 10 – 30 metres. They are built with steel or concrete beams that are supported by abutments or piers, and can have a variety of shapes. The beams support a deck that provides the surface for traffic.
  • Truss bridges: Steel truss bridges are used as an effective, efficient and affordable bridge construction option. Truss bridges are built from connected elements that form triangular structures called trusses. The truss dissipates the load through the structure so the middle of the beam experiences less compression and tension, making for a very strong and dependable bridge that can carry heavy loads.
  • Suspension bridges: Suspension bridges are used for longer spans and consist of tall towers that support cables from an adjacent tower or anchorage at the end of the bridge. The cables support vertical suspenders that support trusses, beams, and the deck. These bridges often span waterways and are high enough to allow ships to pass underneath them.
  • Cable-stay bridges: Similar to suspension bridges, cable-stay bridges consist of tall towers that support cables; however, the cables in these bridges run directly to support beams and the deck. They are also often built over waterways to support vehicular traffic above and allow for water traffic below.
  • Floating bridges: Also known as pontoon bridges, floating bridges uses a collection of floats or shallow-draft boats, connected together to cross a river or canal, with a track or deck attached to the top, which supports pedestrians and vehicles as they travel across. The supporting boats or floats can be open or closed, as well as temporary or permanent in installation, and are typically fashioned out of rubber, metal, wood or concrete. As for the decking, that too can be temporary or permanent and is usually constructed out of wood, metal, or asphalt or concrete over a metal frame.

Team of local experts

It takes a team of highly-skilled experts to design and build bridges in UAE. The very few bridge design and build companies in the UAE will have a professional team of engineers who have a wealth of knowledge specific to the demands that the climate in the UAE places on bridge designs and builds. Many forces act on a bridge which requires considerations beyond the weight of the traffic, and modifications are required to curb the effects of the elements that can cause damage to the structure.

Turnkey bridge design and build solutions

Finally, a bridge design and build company in the UAE that can provide a turnkey solution customised to a client’s requirements, including design, fabrication, build, and comprehensive facility and quality management services with a range of corrective, preventative and annual maintenance services, is a sure indicator of their reliability.


Waagner Biro has been providing bridge design and build solutions for over 165 years. Waagner Biro Bridge Services’ excellent reputation often plays a decisive role in the acquisition of new projects, particularly in the UAE market where ground-breaking structures and innovative design are at the core of this modern country. From ideation and design, and throughout the entire process, we enjoy pushing the limits and creating new solutions that advance the realms of possibilities in steel bridge design and build.


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