The Versatility of Modular Floating Pontoon Systems

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The Floating Bridge is one of Dubai’s most famous bridges and an engineering marvel. This superstructure was created in just ten months and was designed & built by us here at Waagner Biro. The first-of-its-kind bridge provides crossing over Dubai Creek for approximately 6,000 vehicles an hour across its six lanes. 


As much as we love talking about our accomplishments, we did not bring up the Floating Bridge to toot our own horn (maybe just a little bit), but rather to provide an example of just one of the ways a modular floating pontoon system can be implemented here in the Middle East.


Floating pontoons are a versatile feat of engineering that was first used in ancient times, particularly during wars and battles throughout history. Today, it is used predominantly to provide temporary or permanent safe passage across large bodies of water. However, that’s not all it can be used for. 


Here, we explore the versatility of modular floating pontoon systems and how Waagner Biro Bridge Gulf LLC has helped implement them throughout Dubai.

What is a modular floating pontoon system?


Put simply, a floating pontoon is a solid structure that floats – meaning it floats on the water instead of resting on wooden or concrete pilings. Modular floating pontoon systems can be assembled in a variety of shapes and sizes and are quick and easy to install and remove. Its versatility allows for a diverse range of accessories that can be fitted to them to extend their use further – whether it be timber or wood plastic composite decking, ladders, bollards, pedestals for electricity and water or handrails. 


Floating pontoons use floats to support a continuous deck for traffic from pedestrians and vehicles travelling over water.

Why use a floating pontoon? ……………….


The versatility of modular floating pontoon systems means that it makes for a highly customisable and adaptable solution that can meet most requirements. Whether it’s needed for events, recreational activities, commercial use or private use, floating pontoons are the ideal structures for deep or shallow bodies of water. 

These floating solutions are used for a wide variety of purposes that can be summed up into five sections:


  • High-traffic infrastructure

Like Dubai’s Floating Bridge, modular floating pontoon systems can be used as bridges over large bodies of water. The solid structure can support heavy weights, allowing vehicles and pedestrians to safely travel from one side to the next. 


  • Pedestrian access and mooring

This refers to when a modular floating pontoon system is used as a dock or jetty at which boats and yachts can berth, as well as an extended walkway for pedestrians to access water-based activities, such as rowing boats, sailing boats and more.


  • Extending space

Running out of space on land? No problem – just branch out onto the water. Modular floating pontoon systems can be used as buoyant terraces, walkways, stages or platforms to gain more space for events, water-based sports and activities, or commercial use, such as an external dining area for restaurants.


The best part is that if the structure is not intended to be set up permanently, there are floating pontoons that are easy to assemble and dismantle, and can be securely anchored for a temporary period. 




  • Swimming

Lakes, rivers and creeks are popular places for people to gather and swim. However, they can be difficult to get in and out of safely, especially for younger children. Fortunately, floating pontoons are easy to install, safe, adaptable to your specific environment, and can be designed in a way that creates a floating pool, platform or access point for swimmers. Barriers, ladders and steps can be added as well for added security and better accessibility. 


  • Technical and professional use

Perfect for leisure and professional use, floating pontoons’ versatility allows them to be used in a variety of ways, including for carrying out maintenance work, pumping water and shooting films. 


These convenient floating structures enable professionals to access work while out on the water without worrying about safety. Furthermore, they can bear heavy loads and have been known to carry construction machinery – meaning no job is too big for a modular floating pontoon system. 

Where can a modular floating pontoon system be used?


More than just talking about the versatility and usefulness of floating pontoons, we can provide practical examples of these solutions. Waagner Biro has been at the helm of notable projects here in Dubai, namely the Floating Bridge, jetties for various 5-star hotels including the Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts 70m-long floating pontoon, which can dock luxury yachts, as well as up to five vessels for water sports and two floaters for berthing jet skis. 

Where can a modular floating pontoon system be used?


Read more about these high-quality modular floating pontoon systems:


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Why choose Waagner Biro as your infrastructure service provider?


Waagner Biro has been building bridges for over 160 years now, and for the last 50, we’ve been providing both governments and private clients throughout the Middle East with reliable, technically-advanced and cost-effective turnkey engineering solutions.


We combine design and construction under one roof for better communication, project management and a more cost- and time-effective end product. Our interdisciplinary team covers everything from design to erection, and we have our own fabrication yard to produce solutions immediately and as needed. 

Why choose Waagner Biro as your infrastructure service provider?


Serving both private and public clients, Waagner Biro’s expert team of bridge and structural engineers together with our marine and coastal engineers provide high-quality modular floating pontoon solutions that fit any and all water-based needs.


If you would like to learn more about our services in Dubai, get in touch with us and one of our team members will be happy to help.