Waagner Biro Bridge Services’ Infrastructure Engineering Inspection & Routine Maintenance in UAE

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Rehabilitation and routine maintenance is a common practice that we all carry out to ensure our possessions are kept running smoothly and at their best, from expensive machinery and equipment to every type of vehicle under the sun – but no upkeep and aftercare are more important than that conducted on public infrastructure.


Roads, sidewalks, aviation control buildings, ports, waterways, sewage pipes and, most importantly, bridges need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. This is because the general public makes use of these kinds of infrastructure on a daily basis, and if allowed to decay without any prevention or intervention, they put individuals at risk of severe or fatal injuries. 


The last thing anyone wants is a bridge or tunnel collapsing on the traffic below or a dilapidated road culvert causing flooding on the streets of the city. Whether private or public infrastructure, Waagner Biro Bridge Services (WBBS) provides a comprehensive list of rehabilitation and routine maintenance services in UAE that ensures your facilities and structures are safe to use and in the best shape possible.

What services do we offer?


Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance refers to the regular and routine maintenance of infrastructure carried out to keep them running and prevent any costly, unplanned inconveniences stemming from unexpected deterioration or failure. 


Conducting a program of periodic repairs and activities that are relatively small will keep your infrastructure in good condition – thereby avoiding the large expense of major rehabilitation or replacement. 


Furthermore, a rigorous program of preventative maintenance can extend the service life of a road, bridge, underpass or civil structure, and ensure that you receive the maximum value out of your initial capital investment. 

Annual Maintenance


Referring to the routine maintenance and cleaning performed on an annual basis, the function of carrying out large-scale maintenance is to restore equipment, machines or systems to a normal operational condition.


Annual maintenance is conducted yearly or as per the manufacturer’s notes, and includes partial or complete disassembly of facilities and assets, inspection to detect damaged, defective or worn-out parts, and repairs or replacements of said defective or damaged parts. Equipment and systems are then reassembled, tested and put through a trial run before recommencing the full operating level.

Corrective Maintenance


When conducting corrective maintenance, you are repairing damaged and defective facilities, such as accident repair work, replacement of damaged light fittings, replacing defective expansion joints, repairing potholes, block paving works and repairing steel structures.


Corrective maintenance is usually carried out immediately or shortly after the defect occurs and serves to identify, isolate and rectify the defect.


Why choose Waagner Biro Bridge Services as your maintenance partner?


Waagner Biro Bridge has been building bridges for over 160 years and for the last 50 years have been providing both governments and private clients throughout the Middle East with reliable, technically-advanced and cost-effective turnkey engineering solutions. But more than just designing and building these iconic structures, we’re also great at maintaining them.


Since 1993, Waagner Biro Bridge has been offering clients expansive and wide-ranging maintenance and infrastructure services, producing a complete checklist of preventative, corrective and annual maintenance requirements. Continual development through years of experience enables our enhanced service to clients.


The Waagner Biro Bridge Services team is constantly striving to enhance its service offering through the use of advanced technology, which enables us to cause minimal disruption while carrying out essential work and providing critical support to emergency services in the case of unprecedented circumstances.


Why choose Waagner Biro as your maintenance partner?


Beyond our expert capabilities and comprehensive resources, the desire to deliver for our clients, our community and develop innovative solutions lies at the core of our maintenance and infrastructure division.


We work across all sectors and deliver bespoke solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs, including the customization of our equipment to match the individual structures that we maintain.


If you would like to learn more about our infrastructure engineering inspection and routine maintenance in UAE, get in touch with us and one of our team members will be happy to assist you.