We Have Moved to our New Maintenance and Service Facility in Al Quoz

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We Have Moved to Our New Maintenance and Service Facility in Al Quoz

Al Quoz Facility

In order to provide 24-hour support to our clients, our teams in the field require all manner of equipment to construct, maintain and operate the various projects under our care. Our team at the Plant are also highly qualified in customising equipment and providing technological solutions to suit the needs of our infrastructure and maintenance division, allowing them to carry out inspections of structures with minimum disruption to everyday life.


Equipment Plant

Alongside our day-to-day operations, we also provide 24-hour support to the emergency services whether that be helping them manage traffic flow directly after a road traffic accident or providing water tankers to help pump excess water in cases of flooding. With a commitment to being onsite within 20mins of receiving a request for assistance, the Waagner Biro Plant plays an essential role in helping us keep the emirates safe.

The Store

Supporting our team at the Plant, Fabrication Yard, and our Maintenance Division the Store ensures that we constantly hold the previsions, materials and tools to undertake any works required – from concrete joint repair to the wood saws for our joiners. So no matter what our client needs we can ensure our staff are onsite any time of day or night to maintain, rebuild, or repair, every day of the year.

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