14 February 2022 Blog
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Waagner Biro’s Underpass & Tunnel Maintenance Keeps the UAE Moving

When travelling anywhere in the UAE via road networks, there’s a good chance that you’ll encounter underpasses and tunnels at some point during your journey. Highway road tunnels and inter-emirate vehicle underpasses are vital components of an essential busy road network, and keeping them clean and functional is crucial for safe and efficient passage.

25 January 2022 Blog
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Get Everything You Need at a One-Stop-Shop Design, Building & Steel Fabrication Facility in Dubai

Designing, building and maintaining bridges and steel structures is a massive job that requires engineers and professionals across a host of industries to make it all come together. As such, many companies choose to focus on certain aspects of the process, rather than take it all on themselves.

28 November 2021 Blog
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Waagner Biro Bridge Services’ Infrastructure Engineering Inspection & Routine Maintenance in UAE

Rehabilitation and routine maintenance is a common practice that we all carry out to ensure our possessions are kept running smoothly and at their best, from expensive machinery and equipment to every type of vehicle under the sun – but no upkeep and aftercare are more important than that conducted on public infrastructure.

24 October 2021 BlogInsights
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The Versatility of Modular Floating Pontoon Systems

The Floating Bridge is one of Dubai’s most famous bridges and an engineering marvel. This superstructure was created in just ten months and was designed & built by us here at Waagner Biro. The first-of-its-kind bridge provides crossing over Dubai Creek for approximately 6,000 vehicles an hour across its six lanes. 

29 September 2021 Blog
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The Best Bridge Design and Build Companies in the UAE

The art of bridge design and build has evolved through the ages to become a unique and highly-skilled operation mastered by architectural, construction and engineering experts. The best bridge design and build companies in UAE understand the complexities of the process and the acute skills required to create bridges that stand the test of time. As a potential customer, it is just as important to understand the process so you can distinguish between an average bridge design and build company in the UAE and an excellent one.

5 August 2021 Blog
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The Importance of Wastewater Treatment Plants in Qatar

Qatar, being located in the MENA region, is one of the most arid countries in the world, with long, dry summers and a very scarce annual average rainfall of only 75 millimeters. Wastewater treatment plants are therefore extremely important in Qatar, and the processes used to repurpose wastewater and recycle it back into the environment or municipal water system must be driven by innovation and industry expertise to be successful.


18 July 2021 Blog
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Maintenance of Foul Sewer Water Pumping Stations

Investing in regular preventative maintenance is key to deriving the maximum benefit out of any asset, and the same can also be said for foul sewer assets such as foul sewer water pumping stations. At Waagner Biro Bridge Qatar, we specialize in carrying out regular preventive maintenance for foul sewer water pumping stations to guarantee their optimal operation and minimal downtime, thereby significantly increasing the asset’s useful service life and reducing its total cost of ownership.

10 May 2021 Blog
Posted by : Waagner Biro Bridge Services

Corrective Maintenance Works in the UAE

Corrective maintenance works such as the replacement of electrical and mechanical damage components, defects repair, and life cycle elongation of structures is critical to identifying, isolating and rectifying a potential fault in the overall system. Waagner Biro Bride Services specialises in highly effective corrective maintenance works in the UAE, offering our turnkey solutions to clients who require them. Learn more about our expert corrective maintenance solutions below.