9 March 2022 Blog
Posted by : Waagner Biro Bridge Services

The Importance of a Beach Reclamation & Maintenance Company in the UAE

The UAE is a country built on innovation and advanced problem-solving techniques. Where many people see obstacles and hurdles that cannot be overcome, emirate leaders see challenges that need an effective solution. An example of this is the man-made islands and beaches scattered throughout the region. 

18 February 2022 Blog
Posted by : Waagner Biro Bridge Services

How Structural Engineering in the UAE Affects Your Daily Life

The parts of our daily lives we tend to take for granted each and every day are often the most vital to the functioning of society. Think about it. We drive along roads, walk across bridges and travel through tunnels all the time – yet we only seem to genuinely pay attention to infrastructure when it’s damaged or closed down and inconveniencing our day.