17 February 2021 BlogInsights
Posted by : Waagner Biro Bridge Services

Al Maqta Bridge Linking the Capital

On the back of decades of expertise in designing and building bridges, in 1964 Waagner Biro was approached by an Austrian construction firm to work on the Al Maqta Bridge in Abu Dhabi.

It has a  total length of approximately 300m was the first landmark bridge in Abu Dhabi and the first solid connection of Abu Dhabi Island with the mainland constructed in 1967.  It was also the first project of Waagner Biro Gulf in the Region.

Floating Pontoon Systems for Superyacht Marinas

20 January 2021

If you’ve ever been aboard a superyacht, you understand the unadulterated joys of modern, luxury seafaring. With new superyacht marinas popping up around the world, and the rise in popularity of sailing and water sports, marine and coastal engineers have had to come up with innovative ways of providing modern docking platforms that meet the requirements of the elite superyacht club. Modern floating pontoon systems offer an ideal solution to expand the capacity of superyacht marinas and provide optimal access without detracting from the natural beauty of the surrounding waters (and superyachts, of course!).