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There is little taken more seriously in the UAE than the maintenance of its public and private spaces. Dubai especially prides itself on consistently being named one of the most well-maintained, pristine and cleanest cities in the world.


Whether you’re visiting a beach or spending the day at the marina, you can be sure that you’ll be treated to some of the softest sand, clearest water and safest docks and jetties.


But the UAE doesn’t take maintenance and cleaning seriously to put up a good appearance. They realise the importance of carrying out regular maintenance and cleaning throughout their emirates – and not only with infrastructure. The UAE’s maintenance and cleaning efforts go beyond just roads, bridges and tunnels and extend to taking considerable care of their waterways and beaches – which brings us to today’s topic.

Waagner Biro Bridge – marine and coastal engineers


Since the company’s inception over 160 years ago, many of Waagner Biro Bridge specialist bridge projects spanned waterways, which involved extensive marine engineering capabilities. And not being one to shy away from a challenge, Waagner Biro Bridge used this experience to propel them into the marine engineering field in a serious and professional way to better facilitate marine and coastal projects.


However, it wasn’t just enough to build these feats of engineering. Waagner Biro Bridge has always prided itself on its high-quality work – and that means providing an end-to-end service that includes maintenance, servicing, and cleaning to uphold the integrity and safety of its structures. And for the last two decades, Waagner Biro Bridge has been entrusted with the all-important task of carrying out marine maintenance works in the UAE.


Waagner Biro Bridge – marine and coastal engineers


What marine maintenance works do we provide?


Waagner Biro Bridge offers maintenance services for the following marine and coastal engineering structures:


Beach cleaning

Believe it or not, beaches need cleaning too – especially if you want them to look as spotless and pristine as they do in pictures. But more than just aesthetics, cleaning beaches regularly ensures that the space is free from sharp or hazardous objects that might endanger visitors. After all, a clean beach is a happy beach.


Whether it be public beaches or private ones reserved for hotel guests, Waagner Biro Bridge provides marine services that cover beach improvement and protection solutions, as well as beach stabilisation and nourishment.


Our new self-propelled beach cleaning machine is a high-quality product that uses innovative and state-of-the-art technology to meet the highest standards and requirements. The best part is that this machine operates quietly to minimise the disturbance of hotel guests and visitors – meaning that beach cleaning can be carried out at any time.

What marine maintenance works do we provide?


Water transport stations


Abras, water buses, water taxis and ferries all need somewhere to dock to pick up and drop off passengers after a trip on the water. But to ensure that water transport stations are safe and fully functional for people to use, it needs to be serviced, cleaned and maintained regularly. Fortunately, Waagner Biro Bridge maintenance services can be of use in this situation.



Groynes perform the important job of controlling beach material and preventing the undermining of the promenade seawall by interrupting wave action and protecting the beach from being washed away by longshore drift. Thus, it is a necessary piece of engineering to have when maintaining a public or private beach.


Here at Waagner Biro Bridge, we provide groynes in several different materials to suit the needs of our clients. And as the UAE takes steps to become environmentally friendly, we also provide groynes made out of tubular steel piles that are combined with a special hardwood from Asia. This option has a smaller eco-footprint, requires less space and can be more aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the architectural environment than the traditional rock material.



Marina and berthing facilities


Marine and berthing facilities for vessels of all shapes and sizes need to be sturdy, secure and safe to ensure that those people boarding and leaving water-based transport can do so with full peace of mind.


Naturally, to maintain full functionality and safety of these marina and berthing facilities, regular maintenance, cleaning and services need to be carried out. This is where Waagner Biro Bridge expert maintenance team comes in handy.

Beach stabilisation and nourishment


In the same way a body needs to be properly cared for to keep it running at its best, so does a beach. Waagner Biro Bridge can help establish functional and sustainable beaches by combining our proficiency and expertise in rock and timber groynes, geo bags and geo tubes with our other specialities, such as design, profiling, dredging and even sand nourishment. We can undertake all types of beach stabilisation and improvement works, from installing groynes to dredging channels, prevention of beach erosion and replacing sand on eroded areas of beaches.

Why should you use Waagner Biro Bridge?


Our decades of experience and skill combined with our extensive, end-to-end turnkey services makes us the perfect solution to all your marine and coastal engineering maintenance and cleaning problems. Beyond that, our marine and coastal engineering division stands for precision and competence paired with flexibility and reliability. And it’s these qualities that ensure that we consistently deliver high-quality work in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.


But more than just talking about how qualified we are, we can show you. Below are a few of our completed marine and coastal engineering projects that we not only designed and built but also maintain, service and clean regularly to uphold our high standards and ensure the full functionality and safety of our structures at all times.


Al Ghubaiba Water Transport Station, UAE

Al Yasat Aali Island, UAE

Development of Private Island at Jumeirah, UAE

Reporting Wharf at Dubai Creek, UAE

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Waagner Biro Bridge has been building bridges for over 160 years now, and for the last 50, we’ve been providing both governments and private clients throughout the Middle East with reliable, technically-advanced and cost-effective turnkey engineering solutions.


We combine design and construction under one roof for better communication, project management and a more cost- and time-effective end product. Our interdisciplinary team covers everything from design to erection, and we have our own fabrication yard to produce solutions immediately and as needed.


If you would like to learn more about our services in Dubai, get in touch with us and one of our team members will be happy to help.