Why Should You Use A Steel Construction Company to Build Your Infrastructure?

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Where concrete was once the most popular choice among construction companies, structural steel has long taken over the top spot as the more preferred material for building structures. This is because structural steel provides a number of benefits during construction.


Although concrete and timber are still prevalent in constructing buildings today, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a modern building, house or infrastructure that doesn’t consist mainly of structural steel.


It’s become a viable solution for any kind of project and offers several advantages, which many building plans rely on for structural safety. This is why so many people choose a steel construction company, like Waagner Biro, that specializes in building with structural steel. Here, we explore why you should too.


Why do steel construction companies use structural steel?


1. Cost-effective: When compared to other construction materials, structural steel can offer cost savings due to the installation time being shorter than that of concrete.


2. Accelerated schedules: A major advantage of structural steel is that it can be fabricated off-site while preliminary site preparation and foundation work are being performed. When brought to the site, it can be rapidly erected, accelerating the overall schedule of the project.


3. Increase usable floor space: The material is both light and strong, allowing for long spans and open, column-free spaces.


4. Aesthetically pleasing: Structural steel frames provide designers with a wider range of options for addressing a project’s aesthetic requirements. It can be rolled, curved and integrated into irregular structure shapes.


5. Future adaptability: Existing steel frames can be easily modified to adapt to changing structural requirements and uses.


6. Quality and predictability: Structural steel is fabricated off-site under controlled conditions, ensuring a high-quality product and reducing the number of costly fixes at the job site.

Why do steel construction companies use structural steel?


7. Sustainability: Steel can be recycled endlessly and is often reclaimed from old steel structures. This means that the production process causes less damage to the environment than when concrete is produced, or trees are chopped down for construction.


8. Availability: Whether as a raw alloy or pre-made component, steel is widely available in the local market.


9. Strength and durability: Due to its high strength-to-weight ratio, less steel is needed in a single support or beam. It can withstand strong physical impacts and forces, keeping users safe while not wearing away or needing to be replaced afterward. Furthermore, the natural fire and rust resistance of alloy steel makes it viable for exterior structures.


10. Steel is always the solution: No matter what project specific challenges arise, structural steel can meet them.


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Where can you find the best steel construction company in the UAE?


The Waagner Biro Bridge Gulf team has decades of experience and skill, which, combined with our end-to-end services, makes us the perfect steel construction company. Beyond that, Waagner Biro Bridge Gulf stands for precision and competence paired with flexibility and reliability – and it’s these qualities that ensure we consistently deliver high-quality work in the most efficient and cost-effective ways possible.

Waagner Biro Fabrication Facility


We pride ourselves on providing complete in-house design and build solutions, repair, maintenance, and in particular services of the fabrication facility – all under one roof.


Located in Dubai’s Jebel Ali Industrial Area, our Fabrication Facility houses a vast range of machinery that enables our team to construct technologically advanced structures.







Waagner Biro’s dedicated facility covers 6,000 square meters and is one of the main components as to why we can own every aspect of a project, from start to completion. From here, we can ensure smooth production flow and maintain our standards of engineering excellence as our divisions work as one to deliver the very best for our clients.

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Waagner Biro has been building bridges for over 160 years, and for the last 50, we have been providing both government and private clients throughout the Middle East with reliable, technically-advanced and cost-effective turnkey engineering solutions.


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