What’s the Difference Between Preventative and Corrective Maintenance Services in the UAE?

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Whether you’re in the public or private infrastructure sector here in the UAE, it’s important to properly take care of bridges, roads, tunnels and other facilities so that they can be used effectively and safely by individuals.


It’s estimated that Al Maktoum Bridge sees an average of 9,500 vehicles per hour, while the Floating Bridge has a capacity of 6,000 vehicles per hour. This is why having a comprehensive maintenance plan in place is a non-negotiable component when it comes to infrastructure, as people’s lives and safety depend on a fully-functioning structure.


There are two main types of maintenance plans when it comes to taking care of infrastructure preventative and corrective maintenance services. They are two different concepts that are both equally important when it comes to overseeing structures like roads, bridges and tunnels. Today, we explore them in more detail.

What is preventative maintenance?


Preventative maintenance is used to prevent the occurrence of infrastructure failures. This maintenance strategy is carried out on planned frequencies, with structures and their components being thoroughly inspected for signs of potential deterioration or collapse. Preventative maintenance services ensure that any structural failure is avoided as much as possible, as well as keeping the infrastructure functioning and safe.

What is corrective maintenance?


Corrective maintenance, on the other hand, refers to the set of technical tasks and services designed to repair structural failures when the need arises to fix or replace components. In other words, it can be loosely defined as the repair of damaged and defective facilities to restore infrastructure to its initial functioning and safety level.


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So, what’s the difference?


Although the end-goal for both preventative and corrective maintenance services is to ensure stable condition and maximize the functional life of the structures, and safety for to the users.


The main distinction between these two maintenance types is the servicing time.

Corrective maintenance is only carried out when there is a failure or malfunction, while preventative maintenance, as the name suggests, ensures that infrastructure is maintained within the planned frequencies/schedule to avoid complicated breakdowns, damages to the structures, and accidents for the users.



Where can you find the best preventative and corrective maintenance services in the UAE?

Since 1993, Waagner Biro has been providing clients with expansive and wide-ranging maintenance and infrastructure services, producing a complete checklist of preventative, corrective and annual maintenance requirements.


So, what can you expect when using us as your maintenance provider?

So, what can you expect when using us as your maintenance provider?


  • Preventative maintenance:


We conduct a program of periodic repairs and activities that are relatively small, but will keep your infrastructure in excellent condition – thereby avoiding the large expenses and inconvenience of major rehabilitation or replacement.


Beyond that, our rigorous program of preventative maintenance can extend the service life of a road, bridge, underpass or civil structure, and ensure that you receive the maximum value out of your initial investment.


  • Corrective maintenance:


From accident repair work, replacement of damaged light fittings to replacing defective expansion joints, repairing potholes, block paving works and repairing steel structures, we repair any and all damaged and defective structural facilities.


Corrective maintenance can be carried out immediately or shortly after the defect occurs by our professional and highly skilled team of experts.

Why choose to use Waagner Biro’s preventative and corrective maintenance services?


The Waagner Biro team has decades of experiences and skills, which, combined with our end-to-end services, makes us the perfect preventative and corrective maintenance services provider.


Beyond that, our maintenance division stands for precision and competence paired with flexibility and reliability – and it’s these qualities that ensure we consistently deliver high-quality work in the most efficient and cost-effective ways possible.


Read the case studies below to see excellent maintenance work we’ve carried out:


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