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The advancement of humanity and civilization has come quite far over the years. Every building, road, bridge, and developed structure that we rely on was the brainchild of an engineer at some point. We owe all this to the engineering sector because engineers are the designers of our society.


Engineers are dedicated to making life more convenient for everyone on planet earth; they strive to create a better and more advanced civilization with each design and structure they build. Such dedication can be seen in how bridges are designed and built for the safety of everyone on the road, driver or pedestrian, and the convenience of making traveling easier.




Pedestrian bridge design and build companies in the UAE

Waagner Biro Bridge services Services have been in the Gulf region, offering government and private clients highly innovative engineering solutions for over 50 years. We consider ourselves as one of the best pedestrian bridge design and build companies in the UAE. Our services are led by civil, mechanical, structural, and electrical engineers. We also help clients with the maintenance of the bridge and dismantling, if requested.


We are proud to announce that as of the 30th of September 2022, we have been awarded the contract to fabricate, supply, and install two pedestrian bridges for Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA). This project is dedicated to improving the road corridor adjacent to the Nad Al Hamer and Ras Al Khor Industrial areas. This project is considered one of the most significant infrastructure projects to be undertaken by RTA as part of the continual development of Dubai.


We are proud and honored to be working with RTA as partners for the overall betterment of pedestrian movement following the pedestrian connectivity plan for Dubai.


This project will be focused on constructing two pedestrian bridges across Ras Al Khor Road to provide a safe pedestrian connection between the Ras Al Khor Industrial area and the Nad Al Hamar area.



The scope of work includes:


● The main steel bridge including foundations, structural steel sections, steel ramps to both sides of the bridge, aluminium handrails and the architectural aluminium cladding panels (aligned to the theme of the surrounding area).


● All necessary electromechanical works including lighting and safety monitoring measures.



Other features that will be added include all the required electromechanical tools, including the lighting and safety/CCTV, to monitor and ensure the safety of all pedestrians that will be using the bridge from a control room.


This project is set to be completed by the end of 2023.


Pedestrian bridge design and building require the utmost care, planning, and dedication because the safety of pedestrians relies on the quality of these bridges. We at Waagner Biro Bridge Services know this all too well and take great pride in providing quality infrastructures.

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