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For centuries bridges have been used to create convenience on the road and manufactured pathways where there aren’t any. The design and construction of bridges have become more complex because engineers have tried to perfect bridge construction that can withstand different types of weight, pressure, and weather conditions. And that is why Waagner Biro Bridge Services stays at the top as one of the most versatile bridge design and build companies in the UAE. 


With an impressive and extensive catalog, Waagner Biro Bridge Services provides clients with the gift of choice: Quality bridges built to perfection with high-end creative designs and engineering, as well as the benefit of delivery and service for all our standard panel bridges and engineered bridges.


This article will discuss the versatility of Waagner Bridge Services and what makes us the most versatile bridge design and build companies in the UAE.


Our Services 


We go beyond bridge design and build. Our services include the preventative maintenance of our structures to help prevent deterioration or failure, done through continuous and systematic inspection and detection. This ensures that you achieve optimal value from the initial capital investment and increases the lifespan of your structure. 

Versatility at its best

Waagner Biro Bridge Services has secured a reputation as one of the best design and build companies in the region by simply distinguishing ourselves as a general contractor in numerous areas such as maintenance and operation of water bridges and critical infrastructure. We also offer bridge, structural, marine, and coastal engineering solutions. Our top Bridge products include the following:


Pedestrian Bridges
Our pedestrian bridges are designed with the safety of all pedestrians and the reflection of our built environment in mind. We provide our customers with all the much-needed multifaceted professions required to successfully produce trailblazing pedestrian bridges.


Moveable Bridges
Traffic jams are a thing of the past with our moveable bridges, we go from Istanbul, Hamburg, to the UAE. Waagner Biro Bridge Services ensures that everyone stays on the move.Our moveable bridge catalog includes the following:

  • Bascule Bridges
  • Swing Bridges
  • Vertical Lift Bridges

Engineered Bridges

Nothing says versatility and engineering creativity better than Waagner Biro-engineered bridge solutions. Waagner Biro Bridge Services has dedicated years and work to creating a reputation for delivering nothing but excellence and innovation in the bridge engineering industry.


Our special steel bridges include:

  • Cable-Stayed Bridges
  • Suspension Bridges
  • Plate-Girder Bridges
  • Arch Bridges
  • Truss Bridges
  • Pipeline Bridges


We pride ourselves on our ongoing and finished projects in the UAE. Below is an extract of our completed projects in the UAE:

  • ADNEC Bridge, UAE
  • AL Maqta Bridge, UAE
  • Trade Center Bridge, UAE
  • Yas Marina Hotel Access Bridge, UAE
  • Za’abeel Bridge, UAE

Final thoughts 


Working in the engineering field can be challenging. Creativity is the leading trait, as being innovative, calculating, and thinking ahead. Bridge design and building are getting more and more complex. But we at Waagner Biro Bridge Services always look forward to tackling such complexities, delivering exceptional work that makes the UAE great, and maintaining our status as one of the most versatile bridge design and building companies in the region. Visit our website to find out more about our services. 

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